The Most Common Land Rover Repairs

What to Expect From Your Land Rover

Land Rover owners enjoy the luxury of their cars when on the road and off the road, but the more use they get from their vehicles the more repair the Land Rover’s need to stay in their quality state. Most National Parks do not allow off-road driving through them, but those that do will have many regulations including that your vehicle meets safety checks. There are many reasons to keep your Land Rover in good repair and here are some of the most common services performed.

Suspension Replacements

Off-road driving can be bumpy without proper suspension systems. These lift the body of the vehicle away from the wheels so that the impact is not felt as much by the passengers, and they enjoy a nice smooth ride. While land rovers provide a great experience in more harsh terrains because they are designed with this in mind, their suspension systems do need repair after a while. This can be costly and a land rover won’t require repair for many years, so generally this is not done often. If you are a frequent off-roader in the Santa Monica area and you are losing some of the enjoyment, you may want to consider suspension replacements.

Brakes and Steering

While traversing an outdoor environment, having control of your vehicle will let you go to more places and more safely. However, these environments can put a lot of wear and tear on your steering and brake systems. Your park brake may lose its alignment and steering may become clunky. Repairing your Land Rover’s steering and brakes will keep you in control of the environment rather than at the mercy of it.

Safety Measures

Another common but important repair land rover owners seek is for the airbags. When going through areas not designed for normal travel you never know what obstacles may be there, and user input can lead to mistakes and accidents. Nothing is more important than the safety in a vehicle, and a malfunctioning airbag is the loss of one safety net that has saved many lives. 

If you think it is time to improve your experience in your Land Rover or need to update some of the older features and you are in Santa Monica, come by Santa Monica Rover Specialist. Here you can receive all of the repairs needed for your vehicle as well as specific services you’d get from a Land Rover dealership. Call us at 310-314-2700 to learn more.

Written by Santa Monica Rover Specialist