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Land Rover Suspension Repair in Santa Monica, CA

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At Santa Monica Rover Specialists, we want to make sure that your Land Rover or Range Rover vehicle is providing you with a comfortable drive. These vehicles achieve that result through a state-of-the-art air suspension system that controls the suspension electronically. Our shop in Santa Monica, California, is home to technicians that specialize in Rover repairs and carry extensive experience servicing the different iterations of the manufacturer’s air suspension system. Using high-quality parts approved by the manufacturer, our techs can make sure this system is always performing properly and providing you with a smooth ride. You deserve nothing less than high-quality service, and we plan on providing just that for you and your Rover vehicle.

Is Your Air Suspension Suffering?

Unlike other vehicles that utilize a traditional suspension, Rover vehicles use an air suspension system. This was built and installed to improve the overall driving experience of Rover vehicles, as drivers not only experience a smooth ride on the paved road, but they’re able to adapt the suspension on different terrain. Unfortunately, the advanced air suspension is also one of the trouble spots for Rover vehicles, and we believe it’s important that you know what can go wrong. Then, you’ll be able to catch issues before they worsen. Here are common problems that occur with the air suspension you should be aware of:

Small Air Leaks: A common problem that occurs within the air suspension is air leaks. This can happen due to an unexpected pothole or an accidental curb check, but not having it fixed promptly can lead to additional problems. If not fixed, your vehicle will quickly begin to sag, which will lead to an uneven car and the car bottoming out.

Failing Compressor: A consequence of an air leak is that the air compressor will begin to fail. Since the air is leaking out, the compressor needs to continually replace that air, straining the system. This can lead to the compressor generating a loud sound and even seize. At some point, the system will fail and your car will begin to sag.

Let Us Help You

Since all Rover vehicles utilize an air suspension system, they must be serviced by professionals who understand the ins-and-outs of the system. At Santa Monica Rover Specialists, our facility is home to those very auto professionals, carrying extensive experience in servicing all Rover models and their air suspension systems. They also make sure to use parts and tools sourced from manufacturer-approved vendors, so only quality parts are being replaced within your vehicle. Whether you’re suffering wheel misalignment or an uncomfortable ride, know that our team can help you. You can schedule your service by giving us a call at 310-314-2700 or by visiting us on 2515 Lincoln Boulevard, Suite B. We happily accept walk-in clients, and we look forward to working with you and your vehicle.