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Land Rover Engine Repair in Santa Monica, CA

Protect The “Heart” Of Your Rover — Santa Monica Rover Specialists

At the heart of your Rover’s performance is the engine. It’s why you’re able to enjoy the high-quality performance a Range Rover and Land Rover can provide for you. But this experience can quickly go sour if problems start to arise with the engine, and Santa Monica Rover Specialists wants to help avoid that. Our shop in Santa Monica, California, is home to knowledgeable, Rover specialized auto technicians that carry a full understanding of the vehicle’s engine. They’ll use this understanding and high-quality tools and parts to perform the services your Rover needs. From a quick oil change to an engine misfire, know that we can help your vehicle.

Signs You Need Engine Repair

Your Rover’s engine is a complex system made up of numerous parts and systems within it. Unfortunately, this makes it a lot harder to know when something is wrong, and your best course of action is to bring the car into our shop for professional diagnostic service. But with that said, there is something you can do to understand the engine a little better. Here are some tips from our Land Rover Engine experts:

Check Engine Light: If your vehicle’s check engine light is on, that is an indication that something is amiss. A professional with the right tools and knowledge of your specific vehicle can assess what’s going on and provide answers. With their assistance, you’ll know what repairs are needed to restore your Rover’s top performance.

Smoke: Emissions from your vehicle shouldn’t be noticeable while driving down the road. If you start to see black, white, or colored smoke coming from the tailpipe, that might mean something isn’t operating properly under the hood. Visit a Rover specialist for engine repair at your earliest convenience.

Strange Sounds: Once you have been driving your Land Rover or Range Rover for a while, you’ll get used to its normal sounds - the humming it makes as you drive along the highway, and the roaring you hear when you press down the gas pedal. If you ever hear something that’s not quite right - like knocking, clanging, or whirring - that’s when you need to visit an expert for engine repairs.

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Engine problems are arguably the most frustrating things to deal with as a vehicle owner. If your Land Rover or Range Rover vehicle is having problems, make sure you have it serviced by the professionals who are familiar with the engine design — Santa Monica Rover Specialists in Santa Monica, California. Our experienced technicians utilize state-of-the-art diagnostic and repair equipment to find and fix any engine problem you have with the quality and care you expect. We make sure your Rover’s engine is performing at its best, so you can continue to experience the performance benefits it provides. You can schedule your appointment by calling our shop at 310-314-2700 or by visiting us on 2515 Lincoln Boulevard, Suite B, as we happily accept walk-ins as well.